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Circular comfort object for grown ups, constructed from repurposed fabrics, both deadstock and second hand, this unique horse plushy was made to give these unused materials an adorable new life. 

This plush is available in black, green, or gray. 

The black and green options feature a soft, fleece-like, heavyweight material while the gray plush is made with a gray terrycloth exterior. These fabrics were reclaimed through the reconstruction of deadstock sweatpants and shorts of a luxury menswear brand that closed. The horse is stuffed with discarded fabric scraps from our studio for a completely anti-waste piece.

The fabric used in plush construction was also utilized to create mini wrapped sweat-skirts. Check them out here if you would like to adorn yourself with clothes that match your horse! 

Black and green: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
Gray: 75% cotton 25% polyester

Spot clean with water recommended. Stuffed animal sewn and constructed in 11385.

Not intended as a play thing for small children.