all videos created by MI Leggett unless otherwise credited

Hellraiser -3000 pays tribute to queer artist and filmmaker Clive Barker's Hellraiser series. 
Reversed and sped up, fate is automated, challenging perceptions of time and memory, cause and effect.

concept & performance: MI Leggett

audio: Judy Jackson

dp: Izzie Levinson

modern medea mashup

concept & performance: Leah Newman

documentation: MI Leggett

drag queens v baby pageant queens and their respective mothers

concept + performance: Fábio M Silva
performers: Dan Dalton + Eleonora El-Achkar + Fábio M Silva + Lars Ferm + Margaux Daubry + MI Leggett + Sophie Demarcq + Stathis Roukas
camera: Arthur Wilde
post production: MI Leggett
original music: Alatus

video: Jes Ofjap

Performance: MI Leggett