Earth Day 2020 with HECHA / 做

We teamed up with HECHA / 做  to celebrate Earth Day 2020 through the release of a repurposed collection on April 22nd, 2020. Alongside the collection, we gathered friends and collaborators to create “Anti-Green-Sheen Zine”. Read about it in Paper and Autostraddle

For this ‘new’/upcycled collection, both brands bonded over their anti-waste ethos producing a collaborative capsule from leftover HECHA / 做 samples and prototypes that OR?! paints and ‘rebrands’.  Inspired by the ongoing conversation between the two labels as well as herbal allyship discussed in the zine, Leggett reinterpreted their signature sinuous genderless figures, extending the bodies with vines. 

“These pieces are a correspondence. They embody our discussions as like-minded creatives and continue the conversation materially. The dialog between Fernandez’ and my strokes over HECHA / 做’s samples demonstrate how harmoniously different creative processes can unite when values overlap.” - Official Rebrand’s founder, MI Leggett

Anti-Green-Sheen Zine seeks to equip and empower consumers with a guide to eco-friendly living. The zine features an ‘Interactive Buying Guide’ that helps readers reconsider and reprioritize with resources for mindful consumption. Basic sewing, a DIY skill trade sheet as well as instructive and supportive personal essays from the local New York nightlife community offer creative ways to reimagine daily habits and perspectives during our current moment of collective isolation.

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Aeirrinn Ricks  

Annika Hansteen-Izora

Antonia Estela Perez & Rochelle Jamila 

Brooklyn Mobile Thrift


Official Rebrand

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