a collaboration processing our collective realities amidst america's systemic failure. Commissioned by Studio183 Berlin & Kaltblut Magazine

deforrest brown, jr. (sound) ~ ~ @clinicalpoetics
luz angelica fernandez (hecha / 做) ~ ~ @pocketlu
MI leggett (OR?!) ~ ~ @official_rebrand
ting ding (hecha / 做) ~

Framed by Zoom, a repurposed business communications platform, we connect across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, airing anxieties and revelations from our transformed lives. We contextualize our individual realities and shared observations with references both historical and uniquely of this moment. Post-War manipulation of gendered labor, economic collapse, our artistic practices, and field recordings of New York's current ambulance laden soundscape give shape to our current headspace.

alive from new york - hecha / 做 x OR?! from MI Leggett on Vimeo.

April 17th, 2020 // 6PM CET / 12PM EST