BAD DOG tops

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Upcycled T-shirts with hand-painted 'BAD DOG' motifs. Rebranded for a second life to conserve resources while creating fully one-of-a-kind garments. Offered in olive with black paint featuring a dachshund silhouette or in black with grey fabric paint.

Black: Shoulder to shoulder 13 / Chest 26 / Highest point shoulder to hem 14
Originally marked size 'S'

Olive: Shoulder to shoulder 20 / Chest 44 / Highest point shoulder to hem 28
Originally marked size 'L'
Made by workers in Dominican republic, Rebranded by MI Leggett 11385
100% Cotton.

For the longevity of our planet and your clothes, only wash them when you need to. When you do, turn the garment inside-out and use cold water. It’s safe to tumble dry, but the most sustainable method is to air dry—lay flat or hang. Do not use bleach, Oxiclean, Dreft, extra-strength, or any "stain-fighting" soap.