IT GIRL / IT BOY wool sweatervest

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Crewneck sweater vest, embroidered in Bushwick with pink thread reading "it girl" or "it boy". In keeping with our anti-waste ethos, these wool-blend sweaters--ideal for layering--are upcycled from another brand's unused stock, instead of using a new garment. We're removing the arms to use for a future project, so stay tuned. 

To best conserve your clothes and other resources, only wash when you need to. When you do, turn the garment inside-out and use cold water on the gentle cycle or by hand with standard or mild detergent. To dry, lay flat or hang. No bleach, Oxiclean, Dreft, extra-strength, or "stainfighting" soap. Dry clean if you want to. 

66% wool / 29% polyester / 3% nylon / 2% acrylic

measurements in inches:

S- Shoulder to shoulder 18 / Chest 43 / Collar to hem 23 
M- Shoulder to shoulder 18.5 /Chest 44.5 /Collar to hem 24 
L- Shoulder to shoulder 18.75/Chest 45 /Collar to hem 25 
XL Shoulder to shoulder 19.5 in / Chest 48 / Collar to hem 25 

Original garments made in the USA / Rebranded by MI Leggett 11385