NON-BINARY button shirts (white)

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Although the major differences between “men’s” and “women’s” clothing lie in their marketing, there are a few traditional tailoring distinctions, most of which are arbitrary. For example, for no relevant reason, button-down shirts are gendered based on which side of the garment the buttons/buttonholes are placed. 

The essence of Official Rebrand’s mission is to revive unwanted clothing and reintroduce it, rejecting this sewn-in binary, and making it available for anyone who feels fabulous enough to wear it. 

My latest binary-rejecting tailoring project has been to transform second-hand shirts so the buttons are on both sides. For non-binary button shirts in various colors, check here

Sizing in inches and descriptions of variants: 
Long sleeved: shoulder to shoulder 18 / chest 40 / highest point shoulder to hem 23 / shoulder to cuff 25. Marked size S, this shirt features a front chest pocket along with light blue accent stitching attaching one of the front buttons. Lightweight fabric, this 100% cotton shirt is great cross-seasonally. Original garment made in Sri Lanka, reconstructed in Queens, NY 11385.

Short sleeved: shoulder to shoulder 20.5 / chest 54 / highest point shoulder to hem 24.5 / shoulder to cuff 9. Marked size 17.5, 34/35, this shirt features a front pocket, boxy structure, and a lightweight fabric perfect for summer. 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Original garment tailored in Korea, reconstructed in Queens, NY 11385.