IT GIRL - IT BOY - IT THEY merino embroidered beanie

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Bring out your inner it girl, boy, or they and stay warm this winter with our rebranded dead stock beanies! Made from 100% Merino wool* in a variety of colors and embroidered in Bushwick with our signature "it boy / it girl/ it they" logo. Official Rebrand tag on the back. To conserve the Earth's increasingly limited resources, these pieces were upcycled from excess inventory from a brand that closed. Ships first week of December. 

Grey beanies are slightly taller and heavier than the black and white versions. beanies can be cuffed at different lengths to suit your personal style and head shape. 

*Merino absorbs up to 35% of its dry weight in moisture vapor and feels dry to the touch. Merino wool is an active fiber with a natural crimp which creates many small insulating air pockets. It helps regulate temperature, keeping you warm in cold conditions and cool in hot conditions. 

Merino wool items will remain fresher for longer than cotton or synthetic garments because the chemical structure of Merino wool locks away these unpleasant odor molecules. And because merino wool is able to absorb moisture vapor, it also reduces the amount of sweat and therefore odor.

Merino wool fibre has a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains being absorbed and makes cleaning easier. hand-wash or dry clean recommended. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. 

Made by workers in China - Embroidered 11221