RASPADITOS 1/1 woven tops

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hand woven by Valentina, upcycled from second hand pieces.

These one of a kind tops are very versatile--the holes and woven knots featured in these items allow for a lot of stretch and size variability for each individual piece. 

The light gray test print tank was rescued from the storage unit of a brand that closed down and hand-woven by Raspaditos for a sexy new life. Premium quality 100% cotton, incredibly soft and stretchy, size flexible. 

The deadstock fresh terrycloth tank was woven from upcycled terry cloth and features two columns of woven knots on the front and a single column on the back. This high crop and terry construction makes it a good option for warmer weather. 

The light blue cloud top was also constructed using a recovered light terry cloth fabric and will fit a range of sizes due to its stretch.

The black tank, sewn from deadstock fleece, was woven on the front and back and features a warm and fuzzy yet lightweight material. 

To best conserve your clothes and other resources, only wash when you need to. When you do, if possible, wash inside a mesh washing bag and use cold water on the gentle cycle or by hand with standard or mild detergent. Safe to tumble dry low, but for the most sustainable dry, lay flat or hang.