*LET TRANS KIDS PLAY varsity jacket

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Hand painted "LET TRANS KIDS PLAY" varsity jacket. Size XXL, already made, synthetic deadstock leftover from a men’s luxury sporting brand. This repurposed varsity jacket features a shiny maroon fabric, a kangaroo pocket, stretchy and striped edging around the collar and cuffs, and a stylish half-zip neck. The jacket was given the chance at another life by hand-painting "LET TRANS KIDS PLAY" in a heart in black paint across the chest.  

Sizing in inches, marked XXL: 
Shoulder to shoulder 24 / chest 62 / highest point shoulder to hem 25 / shoulder to cuff 25

For the longevity of our planet and your clothes, only wash them when you need to. When you do, turn the garment inside-out and use cold water. It’s safe to tumble dry, but the most sustainable method is to air dry—lay flat or hang. Do not use bleach, Oxiclean, Dreft, extra-strength, or any "stain-fighting" soap.