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To reduce emissions and make use of what already exists, this lightweight jacket was transformed with a sharpie-drawn flock of doves design. This trans-seasonal jacket was saved from deadstock of a men's luxury sportswear brand that closed, giving a second chance at a new life to this one-of-a-kind item.

This jacket was intentionally painted in sharpie to create an ever changing piece, evolving with wear and time. Since sharpie is not textile specific marker, the ink will shift/fade/bleed over time, showing its metamorphosis and unique history. The jacket features snap closure, a chest pocket with snap, and an adjustable drawstring bottom edge. 

Sizing in inches: 
shoulder to shoulder 22 / chest 50 / shoulder to hem 29 / shoulder to cuff 33
Material: 100% nylon

For the longevity of our planet and your clothes, only wash them when you need to. When you do, turn the garment inside-out and use cold water. It’s safe to tumble dry, but the most sustainable method is to air dry—lay flat or hang. Do not use bleach, Oxiclean, Dreft, extra-strength, or any "stain-fighting" soap.

Original garment made in USA, rebranded 11385 by MI Leggett