CLADDAGH painted pillowcases

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Abstracted Claddagh ring, the traditional Irish symbol for love, loyalty, and friendship, painted in thick bold lines onto 100% cotton pillowcases. These soft pillowcases were thoroughly cleaned and painted for a second life to conserve resources while creating a fully one-of-a-kind garment. 

black on grey - height 19.5 in - length 30 in

blue and pink on white - height 18.5 in - length 28.5 in 

To best conserve your pillowcase and other resources, only wash when you need to. When you do, turn it inside-out and use cold water. Safe to tumble dry, but for most sustainable dry, lay flat or hang. No bleach, Oxiclean, Dreft, extra-strength, or "stainfighting" soap.

made by workers in China // Rebranded in 11385