ANGELIC FIGURES hand drawn slip skirt

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These reclaimed pieces were hand drawn by MI Leggett, rebranded for a second life to conserve resources while creating a fully one-of-a-kind garment. Minor wear & tear reflects their history & singularity.


red on white skirt: drawn in fabric marker on silky nylon slip skirt with lace trim and long slit

NOTHING CAN COME BETWEEN US slogan with repeating figures and pearls motifs 

waist 28in stretches to 36in

length 31in 


blue on white skirt: drawn in fabric marker on silky poly slip skirt with lace trim

ANGELS HAVE NO GENDER slogan + angel drawings

waist 22in stretches to 32in

length 23in 



blue on pink skirt:  drawn in fabric marker on pink silky poly slip with lace trim and dark blue silk patch

I WANT TO DRINK MY OWN DESIRE slogan + interlocking faces drawing 

waist 22in stretches to 28in

length 21.5in

conserve your clothes and other resources, only wash when needed and when you do, wash COLD inside out gentle cycle or by hand with standard or mild detergent 

no bleach/Oxiclean/Dreft/extra-strength or "stain-lifting" soap

someone made in USA / rebranded in 11385