RASPADITOS x OR?! deadstock tank tops

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 Sexy and sustainable? It's possible!

These tanks were repurposed using deadstock fabric, hand cut and sewn by MI Leggett and hand-woven by Raspaditos for a fun new life. Quality cotton, soft, stretchy, and size flexible. Models are wearing a size small in the images. The stone variety utilizes a lightweight jersey fabric and the white option features a comfortable, thicker terry fabric. While we currently offer 3 sizes, these garments stretch and shrink to suit a wide range of body proportions. 

Instead of sending them to the landfill (like 85% of textiles produced each year) through this collaboration with Raspaditos, we're utilizing what has already been produced rather than virgin materials. 

To best conserve your clothes and other resources, only wash when you need to. When you do, if possible, wash inside a mesh washing bag and use cold water on the gentle cycle or by hand with standard or mild detergent. Safe to tumble dry, but for the most sustainable dry, lay flat.