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These black and white caps are reborn with fresh purpose and an edgy twist with screen-printed patches affixed with hardware. The "Official Rebrand" ouroboros patches (printed locally, on deadstock fabric) are secured in style with four screws and wing-nuts to cover the old design. We upcycle these hats from unsold/overproduced merchandise leftover from a 2018 album made by one of the world's biggest country stars. For a variation on these transformed hats, we chop the brim.

These truckers are secured with adjustable plastic snap closures in the back. To avoid creating any waste, these hats are made to order. Resurrection takes time, so please allow up to one week for creation. Slow fashion is worth the wait!
Spot clean only. One size fits most.

Anti-waste details: Patches screen-printed in Bushwick on leftover fabric trimmed off during other projects and constructed affixed in Ridgewood. Original hat made by workers in China and discarded in the USA. Ouroboros symbolizes infinity and rebirth, which is how we view materials, in this ongoing project in circularity at Official Rebrand. 

This design was derived from our crown of thorns trucker hat, which is a mediation on material transformation and religious history. To check out the original, more biblical version click here