FACE MASK style no. 1 - made to order

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I’ve been making masks for hospitals but am out of new fabric, so now I am sewing reusable masks for purchase using upcycled materials I have available. 

These masks are NOT medical grade but they are better than nothing. They can keep you from touching your face and help prevent you spreading the virus if you have it without knowing. According to the CDC, 25% of COVID -19 cases may be asymptomatic, one reason why it has reached pandemic levels. Wearing a mask outside is an act of solidarity, as is saving medical grade masks for healthcare workers and the sick who need them the most.

The upcycled materials are clean, but please wash with warm water and hang dry before use. 


Large - adult 

Medium - teen and adult (worn in picture)

Small - child 

Each mask is made to order by MI Leggett. Please allow a few days for creation.

All painted pieces done with 3 coats of Jacquard textile paint in "?!" design

No paint is plain dark blue wool

Surprise is a surprise upcycled fabric in 100% cotton

sliding scale pricing available for at-risk individuals.

email to inquire.