Water Jeans Edition 37

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The fashion industry consumes a staggering amount of water. Official Rebrand’s alternative is simple: Instead of spending increasingly limited resources to make new garments, grow the value of clothes that have already been produced, and remove gender in the process.

Each new pair of jeans takes about 1,800 gallons of water to produce. That’s about the equivalent of a 12-hour shower or 600 toilet flushes.

In this series, we bring this statistic to life by painting representations of these numbers over reclaimed jeans. Each gallon and its corresponding number out of 1,800 is hand painted on a renewed pair of jeans.

This one of a kind pair of jeans represents gallons 134, 135, and 136 out of the 1,800 necessary to make them.

The waist measures 30''

The leg measures 45''

machine washable